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A Development honors historic sites and gives new meanings to disused buildings. Places that used to stand still and silent are once again filled with people and events. Through renovation, we turn old derelict buildings into vibrant locations that become the city's new landmarks. We ensure Kyiv keeps its unique character and flair of the ages while moving forward with the times.

A Development fosters a new way of life through mixed-use property projects, implementing best practices of European urbanism in Kyiv. We offer every type of real estate one needs for a comfortable life in the capital city: residential, entertainment, and commercial. Restful apartments, shopping areas, co-working spaces, sports and entertainment facilities, innovative recreational zones – everything is situated under one roof. We design infrastructure in a way that allows residents to be productive and enjoy their time free from any inconvenience. We build a city within a city – a nexus where everything you need is next to you.

A Development meets commitments to the investors even during the trying times of crisis in Ukraine, demonstrating its uniqueness in realized projects and rooting its principles in honesty and transparency.


A-STATION is a one-of-a-kind place in Kyiv. This location instantly became iconic and equally attractive for progressive youth meet-ups and family leisure. Being a center of architectural, research, and creative hubs, with a variety of restaurants catering to every taste, A-Station is irresistible.

This cutting-edge mixed-used residential complex at the heart of the Holosiivo district has everything under one roof, offering an unprecedented level of comfort. Carefully planned apartment layouts ensure stunning views of the vast park or the lush green roof.

RICHERT&PARK embodies a renovation approach where the historical facade is kept intact while new robust framing is inserted inside, respecting the unique texture of the brick walls. All damaged exterior elements are to be reconstructed with yellow bricks, as it was originally.

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