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Kyrylivska, 35


Pochaina station


This is our second unique renovation project in Kyiv after A-Station. The A Development team, working closely with the Podil community and leading architects specializing in the modern restoration of historical buildings, assures that the Richert Factory in Podil will no longer remain neglected. The future residential quarter will be thoughtfully integrated into the area and will feature a cozy park with its own small lake.


A Development preserves architectural heritage, so the existing buildings of the old factory will be transformed into a mixed-use residential complex with walking areas, shops, cafes, a fitness center, day care centers, and offices.


Our "Podil Project" follows the best practices of the renovation approach, where the historical facade is kept intact while new robust framing is inserted inside, respecting the unique texture of the brick walls. All damaged architectural elements on the exterior are going to be restored to their original yellow brick color.

In progress

Next to the historic area of Hora Yurkovica hill where the creation of a landscape reserve is planned.

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