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A Development is a real-estate developer operating since 2017. Within the first three years, our cohesive team successfully implemented 3 major projects on time, on budget, and on scope while launching several more simultaneously.

In this short period, we fulfilled our obligations to investors and earned a reputation as a reliable and trustworthy partner.

Our philosophy

A Development fosters a new way of life through mixed-use property projects, implementing best practices of European urbanism in Kyiv. Our goal is not only to build new cutting-edge residential complexes and malls but to create havens of business, relaxation, and comfortable living in the vibrant, dynamic city.

We are passionate about Kyiv and find inspiration in our capital's glorious past, honor historical sites, and give new meanings to disused buildings, which we thoughtfully renovate by applying the latest trends in design. We envision how our projects will function in the long run. We strive to create authentic spaces where the historic environment is not merely a remnant of the past hidden behind the fence as a monument but lives on as an integral part of the city and serves its residents.

We transform Kyiv by creating must-visit locations so it can proudly take its rightful place among major European cities.

Work with us

To rent premises:

+38 066 339 69 53
+38 063 375 05 09

To buy property:

+38 044 357 50 50

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