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Clarification Regarding the Situation with Dovzhenko Center


The construction of the White Lines mixed-use residential complex is nearing completion. The shopping center will be located in the stylobate part of the complex, uniting the three residential towers. The Dovzhenko Center building is not a part of our complex project and remains under state ownership.

Here are the details of the cooperation between Dovzhenko Center and A Development:

Several years ago, we reached fundamental understanding with the Dovzhenko Center, based on which the Center's management approved our project of the Urban Planning Activities Agreement.

According to the aforementioned agreement, we confirmed our readiness to assist in the restoration of this cultural space, namely:

  • Perform reconstruction and insulation of the Center’s facades;

  • Carry out landscaping of the inner courtyard of the Center;

  • Carry out repairs of the bomb shelter with its adaptation to serve as a reserve film storage.

The estimated investment volume was approximately 27.0 million UAH.

On their part, the Center agreed to the construction of a metal structure above the bomb shelter, which allowed us to preserve the visual continuity of the White Lines mixed-use residential complex facade. We sent a proposal to conclude the aforementioned Agreement to the Center at the end of 2020. The Center, following the procedure, forwarded the proposal (project) for consideration to the Ministry of Culture.

Unfortunately, the project of the agreement has not been approved by the Ministry of Culture so far.

At the moment, as patrons (with a total investment volume of approximately 3 million UAH), we have restored the terrace steps and the entrance of the Center and purchased porcelain stoneware tiles for the Center's lobby. We financed the development of the concept and the project of improvement of the Holosiivska Square in front of the Center (authored by the renowned urbanist Vlodko Zotov). The total amount of our investments in the restoration of Holosiivska Square as a comfortable green recreation area is planned at 40 million UAH.


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