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Renovation of Abandoned Projects is Our Key Expertise

The unique thing about the Bacteriological Institute building in Protasiv Yar is that it was constructed in a record-breaking short time back in 1896 – just six months.

In the early 1890s, the Louis Pasteur Research Institute was founded in Paris, becoming Europe’s leading biological research institution. Kyiv philanthropist Lazar Brodskiy dreamed of making his home city no less prominent than European capitals. Therefore, he initiated the establishment of a robust research cluster in Kyiv, where the best experts of the era could work.

For the past few decades, this beautiful building has been disused and gradually falling into disrepair. However, restoration awaits it soon, along with the revitalization of the surrounding area. An experienced team of architects from AVG, with whom we have already restored some of the historical buildings of the former Arsenal plant, is already working on a new purpose concept for this legendary building to give it a kiss of life.


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